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Faye Reagan as the tempting whore

Covered in excessive makeup, Faye Reagan is pounded hard as she plays the pleasure whore. This video is a bit odd – the first half has funky music and no other sounds, trying to be some artistic fetish flick I guess. She’s dolled up with tons of makeup as the tempting whore, but soon enough [Read More]

Faye Reagan St. Patricks Kiss

Fay finds herself drunk and horny as a waitress in an Irish bar. She has to wear an Irish themed costume, and business is dead, so Faye Reagan ends up drinking with the only customer and gets sloshed. When he leaves, only the bartender is left to flirt with. She demands her St. Patricks kiss, [Read More]

Faye Reagan cheats with married man

Faye Reagan has had one or two indiscretions in her youth… okay many indiscretions. Here she cheats with a married man – Ryan Madison and husband of big tit pornstar Kelly Madison. Kelly probably wouldn’t mind if she had been invited or at least known about it, but I think these two are fucking around [Read More]

Faye Reagan nude with her boyfriend

  Faye Reagan shares an intimate afternoon with her boyfriend, letting him feel her soft body.   She gets completely nude and he explores her below the waist, fingering her tight wet pussy.   Faye Reagan gets a taste of his dick with her special blowjob before letting him enter her fully.   See more [Read More]

Sex with freckled pornstar Faye Reagan

  Faye Reagan doesn’t look like your average pornstar. She’s more the girl next door type. You can easily picture her as a normal girlfriend putting out for her man, but make no mistake this freckled pornstar has an appetite for sex.   Taking off her one piece bikini, he gets to suck on Faye [Read More]

Faye Reagan moans like a whore during sex

Who knew Faye Reagan was such a screamer? Well she is when her pussy is pounded like a relentless jackhammer. This video clip has Faye Reagan on the bed moaning like a whore during sex with a hard banging fucker. She ends up begging for his cum.

Faye Reagan fucked on prom night

Faye Reagan fights with her boyfriend on prom night and she goes home alone. She wants revenge, so she focuses her attention on the limo driver. This is Faye Reagan, so he didn’t stand a chance! It turns out he has a big dick and bangs Fay Reagan’s pussy so hard all over her pretty [Read More]

Faye Reagan blowjob skills

I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s getting a very talented Faye Reagan blowjob. She just looks like she has the type of mouth that can wrap tightly around a cock and apply a ton of suction that must feel incredible. Freckled babe Faye Reagan sucks cock

Faye Reagan loves fucking doggystyle

This hardcore video clip from Premium HDV captures the essence of Faye Reagan as she is pussy slammed without mercy. She loves fucking doggystyle, and this guy gives her everything she asks for. Harder and faster, he pounds away. I’m sure Faye Reagan is going to be sore tomorrow! Faye Reagan loves fucking doggystyle

Faye Reagan and her love slave

Faye Reagan is a beautiful girl with cute freckles and a fabulous body. She’s also a little nympho that’s always horny for cock, so being a pornstar seemed like the natural thing to do for her. She makes this guy her love slave by teasing him with her puffy nipples before letting him bang her [Read More]